Dublin Flea Market is open to anyone selling second hand goods. So whether you are clearing out the attic, leaving the country, strapped for cash or just looking for a good day out have a read below and see if its for you.
The market is made up of 80 stalls, 30 of which are permanent regulars and 50 are rotating. Applications for the rotating stalls are done on a monthly basis. You need to individually apply for each month you are interested in. The link is open for seven days from the morning after the previous flea has taken place.
If you are interested in taking a stall please fill in the form, (link below) in as much detail as possible. The more information you give us the better idea we can get of your stock.
Photos sent to our email – will benefit your application.
Just reply with your images to the confirmation email from your application
Stalls cost €45 for the day.

What we look for

  • The Flea Market is all about bargains and that’s what we look for in the stalls. It is a market of second hand knick knacks, bits-n-bobs, bric-a-brac, household goods, clothes and furniture, vintage, retro, pre-loved and unloved.
  • We will always favour those that are selling CHEAP goods but we also know that a bargain is a bargain and value for money is recognised.
  • The Flea is more about second hand rather than new/imported stock and there are only a few arts and crafts stalls allocated each month.

Things to remember

  • Trading is from 11 to 5pm, with a load in from 9am.
  • Rent is collected on the day.
  • Your position will be allocated before you arrive.
  • Tables are provided (and a chair should you want one). All else must be brought by you.Click HERE to apply.
    Open for seven days only, after the prior market.
    ***Please note, If you click on the link and see this message:
    “It looks like the form ‘DUBLIN FLEA STALL APPLICATION’ is turned off” the application form is closed.***